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Early Childhood

“The child is a well-spring of love. Whenever we touch the child,we touch love.” — Dr. Maria Montessori

3 to 6 years of age

​Our Early Childhood Program provides a rich and orderly environment for children to freely follow their individual interests and allows them to develop fundamental skills in preparation for a lifetime of learning. Our classrooms are divided into several areas of curriculum such as Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language, Science, History, Geography, Music and Art. The specifically designed materials, manipulatives and selection of activities are designed to entice each child to follow his or her own innate drive to develop physically, emotionally, socially, cognitively, creatively and spiritually.

Our teachers are carefully trained to observe each child and respect their individual needs and interests while fostering development of their independence, concentration, coordination and organizational skills – the aim of the majority of our classroom activities. Group activities present opportunities for sharing, exploring literature, lessons in science and cultural subjects, music, movement and rhythm activities. Our outdoor area is another part of the extended classroom where children are free to explore the many activities such as gardening, caring for animals, group play or utilize our specifically designed areas for reflection and quietness.

What are the benefits of a multi-aged classroom?


Since the classroom is set up for individualized progress, our teachers are able to take advantage of the inclination of young children to imitate the older ones. Older children, in turn, develop higher levels of mastery and confidence as they teach others how to do something they know. They experience what it feels like to be a leader and how to nurture and encourage someone who is less skilled than they have become. The benefit of this leadership experience is one of the reasons for having students complete their kindergarten year in the Early Childhood classroom.


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Early Childhood Teachers

Ms. Vicke Ms. Vicke Early Childhood
Ms. Lanny Ms. Lanny Early Childhood
Ms. Debbie Ms. Debbie Early Childhood
Ms. Lainey Ms. Lainey Early Childhood
Ms. Natalie Ms. Natalie Early Childhood
Ms. Regan Ms. Regan Early Childhood
Ms. Traci Ms. Traci Early Childhood
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What parents are saying...
  • “Beloved Montessori has been such a warm, nurturing, and caring environment for my 3 kids. Despite the differences in my children, they each have thrived thanks to the dedicated teachers who are devoted to developing the whole child while fostering respect, kindness, and independence. We could not be happier!”

    Meagan and Lee An Early Childhood
  • “This incredible community has taught her so much about the value of respecting and learning from everyone around you.”

    Crystal Jud Early Childhood
  • “Not only have our children grown and learned, but we as parents have also learned so much about our children's needs, abilities, independence and being better parents.”

    Chris & Dionne Del Carlo Early Childhood
  • “So much emphasis is placed in our society on achievement that to have a foundation of personal satisfaction, growth and an awareness of your own unique place in this world, is simply invaluable.”

    Nancy Notdurft Toddler Program
  • ““The staff at Beloved Montessori have provided such a wonderful environment for our son to grow. We feel blessed to have such an awesome extended family.”

    Sam, Sarah & Elijah Doane Toddler Program
  • “I am not easily impressed. I have seen several generations of children grow up and most of it was with a lot of struggle. This school has the kindest and most caring staff I have ever seen. I watch the kids and I am amazed at what they have learned and how polite and capable they are.”

    Judy Strausbaugh Toddler Program