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Est. 2007

“The environment must be rich in motives which lend interest to activity
and invite the child to conduct his own experiences..” — Dr. Maria Montessori

In the beginning...

BeLoved Montessori's Founder, Meg O'Keeffe, stepped away from her extensive teaching career in 2007 with the knowledge and info she needed to grow in her love and caring for young children. Due to popular local demand, she immediately started a Montessori parent-infant class in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Multiple families came to love Meg and the Montessori approach so she began coaching parents how to bring Montessori into their homes. Over time, these same parents wanted to support Meg’s personal dream of building a local Montessori school – one that served children as young as infants. A substantial financial investment was all she needed. And one set of parents had so much faith and confidence in Meg’s gifts as they had watched their son blossom under her care; they decided to invest in her dream. After looking for the perfect property for over a year, then going through the planning, building, licensing, and inspections, Meg opened her first school on August 4, 2010. Since that date, Meg’s school has expanded to a bigger location and now includes multiple classrooms catered to the developmental needs of each individual child, has an array of quality, caring teachers and an amazing group of families who truly believe in BeLoved Montessori and what it provides each child, each parent and ultimately, the entire community.

Meg O'Keeffe

Meg O'Keeffe


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What parents are saying...
  • “Beloved Montessori has been such a warm, nurturing, and caring environment for my 3 kids. Despite the differences in my children, they each have thrived thanks to the dedicated teachers who are devoted to developing the whole child while fostering respect, kindness, and independence. We could not be happier!”

    Meagan and Lee An Early Childhood
  • “This incredible community has taught her so much about the value of respecting and learning from everyone around you.”

    Crystal Jud Early Childhood
  • “Not only have our children grown and learned, but we as parents have also learned so much about our children's needs, abilities, independence and being better parents.”

    Chris & Dionne Del Carlo Early Childhood
  • “So much emphasis is placed in our society on achievement that to have a foundation of personal satisfaction, growth and an awareness of your own unique place in this world, is simply invaluable.”

    Nancy Notdurft Toddler Program
  • ““The staff at Beloved Montessori have provided such a wonderful environment for our son to grow. We feel blessed to have such an awesome extended family.”

    Sam, Sarah & Elijah Doane Toddler Program
  • “I am not easily impressed. I have seen several generations of children grow up and most of it was with a lot of struggle. This school has the kindest and most caring staff I have ever seen. I watch the kids and I am amazed at what they have learned and how polite and capable they are.”

    Judy Strausbaugh Toddler Program